September 14, 2023: How To Create Space Between Stimulus And Response

β€œBring your desires down to your present means. Increase them only when your increased means permit.”

― Aristotle

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πŸ“š 3 Good Articles for You

How To Create Space Between Stimulus And Response
by Steve Magness (3 mins)

  • The space between stimulus and response is crucial for our freedom, allowing us to either react impulsively or respond thoughtfully.
  • "Affect labeling," or identifying and naming our emotions, reduces physiological arousal and emotional intensity, enabling individuals to better manage and separate from their emotions. This act creates a buffer between stimulus and response.
  • Ancient wisdom and modern research converge on the idea that naming emotions gives individuals power over them, with more specific identifications leading to greater control and freedom in responses.

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The Most Advanced Yet Acceptable Products Win
by Patrick Morgan (6 mins)

  • Raymond Loewy's MAYA principle argues that the most successful designs find a balance between novelty and familiarity, making them both advanced and acceptable to the general public.
  • Real-world examples of MAYA include the iPhone's success due to its balance of innovative features with familiar elements, while products like folding phones and Google Glass have struggled due to their deviation from the norm or lack of immediate acceptability.
  • Designers and creators should aim to find a balance between surprising and familiar elements in their products, adjusting their approach based on their target audience's readiness for innovation.

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How startups die from their addiction to paid marketing
by Andrew Chen (4 mins)

  • Over-reliance on Paid Marketing: Startups, especially in ecommerce, mistakenly equate initial profitability with sustainable growth, often leading to inflated Customer Acquisition Costs and potential financial pitfalls.
  • Miscalculation of Costs: Many startups focus on blended CAC, overlooking specific channel costs. As ad campaigns grow, their effectiveness wanes due to saturation, competition, and audience fatigue.
  • Diversify Growth Strategies: Instead of solely relying on paid marketing, startups should explore alternative growth avenues like viral methods, referral programs, and content/SEO strategies.

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