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Glasp: A social web highlighter

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Glasp Media Kit
Social Web Highlighter for Writers, Readers, and Learners

Story and Mission

  • Story: We started with one question, “Why can’t we learn effectively from the experiences of others?” If everyone’s brains were shared in a common repository like Dropbox, we thought, we could always, or as needed, apply valuable information to valuable activities that we believed in.
  • Mission: To democratize access to other people’s learning and experiences that they have collected throughout their lives as a utilitarian legacy. As Glasp stands for "Greatest Legacy Accumulated as Shared Proof", we want to visualize your contribution to human knowledge history.

Company Overview

  • Company name: Glasp Inc.
  • Founding: June 2021
  • Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Vision: Provide access to the highlighted world’s information in one click.
  • Description of the product: A social web highlighter that lets people highlight web content such as articles, PDFs, YouTube videos, save them in an online repository, and share them with others to learn together.

Team Members

Kazuki Nakayashiki: Co-founder and CEO at Glasp

  • Twitter: @kazuki_sf_
  • LinkedIn: Kazuki Nakayashiki
  • Kei Watanabe: Co-founder and PM at Glasp

  • Twitter: @KeiWatanabe17
  • LinkedIn: Kei Watanabe

  • Press Release

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    A social annotation platform to build digital twins with AI.

  • 20K MAUs with 25% 6-month retention and growing 30%+ MoM.
  • 210K Chrome Extension installs.
  • 4M unique annotation data.
  • YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

    A browser extension that summarize YouTube videos with ChatGPT.

  • 1M+ Chrome extension installs.
  • Hit 600K impressions in a day [tweet].
  • Featured in The Economic Times, Make Use Of, etc.
  • AI-powered Digital Twin

    An AI-powered “digital me” based on the person’s learning data.

  • Hit 100K impressions in a day [tweet].
  • DALLE-dle

    A wordle-inspired prompt guessing game with DALL·E images.

  • Featured in PC Gamer (2.5M followers on Twitter).
  • ChatGPT Chrome Extension

    A browser extension that gives an instant access to ChatGPT from anywhere.

  • 200K Chrome Extension installs in 3 months.

  • Social Media Accounts


    💡Found a bug? Please report it from here. Thanks! 🎯 Mission & Vision * Please go to our about page for further details ;) 🚗 Features & Roadmap ▼ Is there a private mode or do you have plans to implement it? As of December 15th, 2022, we don’t have the private mode function. This is becaus…

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