September 4, 2023: A Few Stories About Big Decisions

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📚 3 Good Articles for You

A Few Stories About Big Decisions
by Morgan Housel (4 mins)

  • Warren Buffett turned a disagreement over a minor share price change into a major stake in Berkshire Hathaway.
  • Morris Chang chose Sylvania over Ford for a $1 difference, leading him to found Taiwan Semiconductor.
  • Emotions and perceptions often play pivotal roles in significant decisions, as seen in Henry Ford's racing strategy and Roosevelt's WWII tactics.

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The Psychological Needs of the Extremely Ambitious
by Gena Gorlin (6 mins)

  • Unique Psychological Needs: Tech founders have distinct, often unaddressed, mental health challenges despite their resources and achievements.
  • Ambition's Psychological Demands: Leading startups requires specialized tools and mental resilience beyond traditional mental health paradigms.
  • Raising the Ceiling: Psychology should also focus on empowering peak performance in ambitious individuals, benefiting broader societal innovation.

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Tempted to take it easy on Fridays? Use them to set yourself up for success instead
by Laura Vanderkam (2 mins)

  • Plan Your Upcoming Week: Dedicate Fridays to setting up plans for the following week, focusing on three core categories: career, relationships, and self. This ensures a balanced life and helps end the week with clarity and purpose.
  • Absorb Overflow Tasks: Keep Fridays relatively open in your calendar to accommodate any unexpected tasks or important matters from Monday through Thursday, promoting a resilient schedule.
  • Tackle the Punch List: Reserve Fridays for minor tasks like filling forms or paying bills, allowing for focused, deeper work earlier in the week.

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