September 7, 2023: Interoception: The hidden ‘sixth sense’

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📚 3 Good Articles for You

Interoception: The hidden ‘sixth sense’
by Anne-Laure Le Cunff (8 mins)

  • Interoception allows us to sense internal body signals, playing a key role in our well-being and self-awareness.
  • This internal sensory system aids the brain in predicting future events and maintaining body balance.
  • Practices such as body scanning and mindfulness can enhance and improve our interoceptive awareness.

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An ancient technique can improve your attention span
by Kevin Dickinson (6 mins)

  • Attention as Currency: In "Peak Mind," Amishi Jha describes attention as a valuable resource that shapes our life experiences, comparable to money that we spend.
  • Distraction's Evolutionary Role: Our brain is naturally inclined to be distracted by novel or threatening stimuli, an evolutionary trait to ensure survival, but this often clashes with today's attention-seeking media and technologies.
  • Mindfulness as a Solution: Mindfulness practices, like focusing on breathing, can train and strengthen our attention, helping us navigate modern distractions and enhance life quality.

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The 40/60 Rule: A Real-World Secret to Mastering Any New Skill
by Thomas Oppong (4 mins)

  • Action and Knowledge are Linked: Mastery requires both understanding and hands-on application.
  • Practice Over Theory: Real skill development happens in practice, not just in study.
  • The 40/60 Rule: Dedicate 40% of time to learning and 60% to hands-on practice.

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