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The Internet Is Still Early
by Evan Armstrong (10 mins)

  • The internet's impact is still unfolding with under 70% global usage, reshaping companies and industries.
  • Drawing parallels to the railroad network, the internet significantly reduces distribution costs, transforming business models as seen with Amazon.
  • The internet challenges traditional consumption patterns, evident in industries like bookstores, and AI signifies the next phase of its evolution.

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How to Grow Up: A Guide to Being Human
by Mark Manson (28 mins)

  1. Early Exploration and Lessons: As children, we learn through direct experiences of pleasure and pain, setting the foundation for our preferences, values, and identities.
  2. Adulthood and Complex Value Systems: As we grow, our understanding of the world expands and becomes more nuanced, moving beyond immediate pleasure/pain to a transactional/rule-based system.
  3. Maturity and Choosing Values: True adulthood is characterized by choosing one's values and living by them, even if it involves confronting discomfort or pain.

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Steal This Best-Selling Author's 3-3-3 Method for Managing Your Time
by Jessica Stillman (3 mins)

  • DeMarco's View: Avoid overloading days for greater long-term productivity.

Burkeman's 3-3-3 Method:

  • 3 hours on a main project.
  • Complete 3 short tasks.
  • Dedicate time to 3 daily maintenance activities.
  • Benefits: Provides a balanced, realistic approach to daily tasks without overwhelming oneself.

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Do What You Love: Exploring Passion, Embracing Rejection, and Finding Fulfillment

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