August 3, 2023: Stop looking for The One: The Inverted Pyramid of Life

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πŸ“š 3 Good Articles for You

Stop looking for The One: The Inverted Pyramid of Life
by Anne-Laure Le Cunff (6 mins)

  • The article critiques societal norms that push individuals to specialize and narrow their focus with age, represented by a pyramid.
  • The author suggests inverting this pyramid, expanding interests, careers, and relationships as we mature for a richer life.
  • Embracing this self-complexity provides emotional resilience and fosters personal growth.

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10 Parabolas of Moderation
by Jessica Hagy (2 mins)

  • The author advises moderation in life, from understanding one's environment to setting realistic expectations.
  • The article highlights the importance of avoiding extremes in reliability, social activity, and skepticism.
  • It recommends a balanced approach towards being skeptical and caring about one's work to avoid missing opportunities and stressing excessively.

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The IKEA Effect - Why people fall in love with their own ideas
by Howie Mann (3 mins)

  • The IKEA effect refers to people overvaluing things they've put effort into, leading to a higher perceived value of self-assembled or self-created items.
  • This cognitive bias can create organizational pitfalls such as sunk cost effects and preference for internally-developed ideas even if they are inferior.
  • Mitigation strategies include acknowledging unconscious bias, early prototype testing, customer engagement, and conducting growth experiments.

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