August 7, 2023: Smart Things Smart People Said

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Smart Things Smart People Said
by Morgan Housel (3 mins)

  • "A great way to understand yourself is to seriously reflect on everything you find irritating in others.” – Kevin Kelly
  • β€œThe happiness of most people is not ruined by great catastrophes or fatal errors, but by the repetition of slowly destructive little things.” – Ernest Dimnet
  • "Your capacity for gratitude is inversely proportional to your sense of entitlement.” – Mark Brooks

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The New Language Model Stack
by Michelle Fradin and Lauren Reeder (7 mins)

  1. Adoption of LLMs: Companies are widely integrating language models into diverse products, from autocomplete features to chatbots across various sectors.
  2. LLM Tools & Customization: The main tools revolve around language model APIs and retrieval mechanisms, with a significant shift towards open source and custom model solutions. Companies increasingly seek ways to tailor models to their specific needs.
  3. Challenges & Future Outlook: For broader adoption, language models must address trust concerns, including data privacy and output quality. The next wave will likely see a blend of multi-modal applications, combining text, speech, and visuals.

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How to Break the Perfectionism-Procrastination Loop
by Daniel Mangena (5 mins)

  • Perfectionism-Procrastination Link: Fear of change hides behind perfectionism, leading to procrastination and vague goals.

Overcoming the Cycle:

  1. Acknowledge the loop.
  2. Define clear goals.
  3. Seek external guidance.
  • Conclusion: Labeling oneself a "perfectionist procrastinator" often masks an underlying fear of change. Recognizing and addressing this can break the cycle.

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