August 10, 2023: Against discipline

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๐Ÿ“š 3 Good Articles for You

The Mind is a Computer
by Scott H. Young (5 mins)

  • Scott H Young compares the mind to a computer, based on the abstract concept of information processing.
  • The brain's complexity and interconnectedness differ significantly from conventional computers, leading to unique human cognition.
  • Objections around human emotions and consciousness are addressed by framing them within computational contexts and emphasizing the brain's unique architecture.

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Against discipline
by Irina Dumitrescu (4 mins)

  • Engaging in enjoyable activities can be surprisingly difficult to initiate due to internal resistance.
  • "Discipline" as a solution might inadvertently turn these activities into obligations, leading to rebellion.
  • Embracing "play" could be a more effective way to overcome resistance and indulge in loved activities.

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How developing mental immunity can protect us from bad ideas
by Dr. Hannah Rose (6 mins)

  • Mental immunity helps the mind detect and reject misinformation, analogous to the body's immune system targeting pathogens.
  • Enhancing mental immunity promotes critical thinking, aids in discerning false information, and encourages cognitive flexibility based on credible evidence.
  • Increase awareness of misinformation, cultivate evidence-based beliefs (meta-beliefs), and practice diverse and critical content consumption.

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Stacey Roshan
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Stacey Roshan

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The Power of LEGOยฎ Serious Playยฎ for Personal Leadership and Autism Spectrum Disorder

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