Feb 23, 2023: How to use “Solomon’s paradox” to give yourself good life advice

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How to use “Solomon’s paradox” to give yourself good life advice
by Jonny Thomson (6 min)
King Solomon is known for his wisdom and great advice, but his own personal affairs were shortsighted. This has given rise to the concept of Solomon's paradox, which states that we are better at giving advice to other people than ourselves. To use this paradox to give yourself good life advice, talk to yourself, ask two questions, journal, and ask someone who knows you well who they think you're most like.
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Thinking Beyond the Brain: Why Neuroplasticity is Overhyped
by Anne-Laure Le Cunff (6 min)
Neuroplasticity is the ability of the nervous system to reorganize its structure, function and connections. Despite the hype surrounding neuroplasticity, it is important to remember that it is not a panacea and that it is only one part of a larger picture when it comes to understanding the brain.
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How to Escape the Busy Trap
by Sahir Bloom (7 min)
We often fall into the busy trap, using busyness as a status symbol and a way to protect ourselves from scrutiny. To escape the busy trap, we need to prioritize and focus on the important tasks, eliminate our desire to say we are busy, and reframe our view of busyness. Boredom and scheduled free time can be a secret weapon of great minds, so take pride in your output per unit input instead of being busy.
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