Mar 2, 2023: 3 Tips to Read More Books

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3 Tips to Read More Books
by Mark Manson (5 min)
To read more books, focus on remembering the information that is important to you, rather than trying to recall everything. Don't feel obligated to finish every book or read it in order; instead, prioritize quality writing and information. If you come across a section that isn't interesting or you already know about, skip it. The goal is to maximize the processing of interesting information.
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7 thought experiments that will make you question everything
by Scotty Hendricks (7 min)
Seven thought experiments are presented that challenge beliefs and offer fresh perspectives on how the world operates. These include the Swampman, the Ship of Theseus, and the Violinist, which question the nature of identity and personal rights. These experiments raise questions about the current state of society and the role of self-interest in hindering progress toward a just society.
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The Cause of Depression Is Probably Not What You Think
by Joanna Thompson (11 min)
The cause of depression is not solely due to a chemical imbalance in the brain, as previously believed. Clinical studies have found no convincing evidence that lower levels of serotonin cause or are even associated with depression. Other compounds, such as tryptophan, maybe the true force inducing or relieving depression. Genetics and differences in neural wiring and structure of the brain may also predispose individuals to depression.
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