March 6, 2023: Learning, Fast and Slow: Do Intensive Learning Projects Work Better Than Slow Ones?

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3 Procrastination Tips (That Nobody Wants to Hear)
by Nick Wignall (6 min)
Procrastination is often a values problem, not a productivity problem. You don’t really want the things you say you want. Stop using self-criticism as motivation and replace it with self-compassion. People don’t realize that they actually have far less energy and enthusiasm for their work immediately after a tirade of self-judgment and condemnation.
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Learning, Fast and Slow: Do Intensive Learning Projects Work Better Than Slow Ones?
by Scott H. Young (4 min)
Intensive language education programs may be more beneficial for learning than slower ones, according to a study. However, spacing out individual items of vocabulary and grammar is still important. The optimal studying technique for complex skills changes over time, starting with massed/blocked/review, and shifting to spaced/interleaved/retrieved presentation. Intensive classes may be more motivating but should be followed by more leisurely maintenance. The effectiveness of massed presentations tends to fade over time, so a periodic review is important.
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The Wisdom of Non-Effort
by Leo Babauta (3 min)
Non-effort is about relaxing and trusting the flow of life. It's like meditation, paying attention to the present moment and noticing when your mind wanders. It's about making effortless decisions by choosing from the heart and trusting yourself. Non-effort allows for a different kind of wisdom and a different kind of relationship with life. To cultivate non-effort, notice when you're efforting, pause, breathe, and relax your body. Trust that something will emerge from the place of non-effort.
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