March 13, 2023: Efficiency is the Enemy

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Efficiency is the Enemy
by FS Blog (8 min)
You’re efficient when you do something with minimum waste. And you’re effective when you’re doing the right something. Slack allows us to think ahead. We are more productive when we don’t try to be productive all the time.
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Use the 90/10 Rule to Decide Where to Live
by Brett & Kate McKay (3 min)
The 90/10 Rule suggests that when deciding where to live, you should focus on the factors that will affect 90% of your life, such as your job, your children's schools, and daily errands. While factors like a hip downtown or access to the beach may seem important, they only make up a small portion of your life. It's important to identify what factors will have the biggest impact on your satisfaction and recognize that they may not be the most obvious ones.
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Creativity is Productivity
by Scott H. Young (3 min)
The idea that creativity declines with age are a myth. Instead, the most important factor in creative success is how much work you produce. The randomness of creative success favors those who are the most prolific. To produce better work, increase your output. Creativity is productivity, and we will have more hits if we take more swings.
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