How to Join the Slack Community of Glasp?

How to Join the Slack Community of Glasp?

Glasp is a community curation platform that prioritizes users' connection and interaction. You can follow and be followed by other Glaspers, react to other Glasper's highlights, and discover content and common things on Glasp. However, to enhance users' connection and interaction, and to provide general connections with community members, we offer the Slack community.

On the Glasp's Slack community, you can find other Glaspers, see product updates, and get notified about the monthly community meetup.

To join the Slack community, please click here. If the link is expired, please visit Join Community on Glasp webpage or the sidebar extension.

Join Slack Community:
Glasp's Web Page

If you cannot find it or the link is expired, please contact us via @Glasp, @Kei, or @Kazuki on Twitter or email.

After you join the Slack community, please introduce yourself. You can introduce it in any way you want, but I give an example.

If you find a bug on Glasp, you can report it through the Slack community. And if you have any questions, please let us know anytime.


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