May 23, 2023: The Unreasonable Effectiveness of 1-1 Learning

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The Unreasonable Effectiveness of 1-1 Learning
by Dan Shipper (9 min)
1-1 tutoring is an effective way to learn, with students performing 98% better than those in traditional classroom environments. It is also significantly cheaper than traditional education. To find a tutor, look for someone who is far enough into their career to teach but not too far to spend time with you. Before getting a tutor, try to learn some basics on your own. It's common for people starting in a field to teach to support themselves. Concentrate on learning one skill at a time, and be prepared to put in the work to take advantage of your tutor's time.
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How Companies Are (And Aren’t) Embracing AI: Shutterstock, Quora, And More
by Alina Valyaeva (6 min)
Tech companies like Shutterstock, Getty Images, and Quora have different approaches to adopting AI content. The concern for community-based platforms is that AI-generated content can overwhelm volunteer-based curation infrastructure, leading to inaccuracies. Moderators are opting for a no-ban approach until the volume of AI-generated content becomes unmanageable.
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The Feynman Technique 2.0: How to Level Up Your Learning
by Chris Meyer (9 min)
The Feynman Technique 2.0 involves four steps to level up your learning: study the subject, teach the subject, identify knowledge gaps, and simplify further. The first step involves breaking down and categorizing what you learn, while the second step involves teaching what you learned to someone else. The third step involves identifying knowledge gaps and involving an expert to verify your understanding. The final step involves simplifying the subject further and evaluating whether your students have successfully learned it.
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