May 11, 2023: 10 Ways You Can Use ChatGPT to Learn Better

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10 Ways You Can Use ChatGPT to Learn Better
by Scott H. Young (9 min)
Scott H Young discusses 10 ways to use ChatGPT to learn better, including creating a personal tutor, practicing new languages, generating summaries of longer texts, and clearing up unfamiliar jargon. However, he warns that AI should not be relied upon for getting facts, citations, or math right, as well as creating reading lists and confabulating references.
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How the Push for Efficiency Changes Us
by Tara McMullin (6 min)
Efficiency initiatives often result in job losses and work intensification, leading to negative outcomes for employees' well-being and performance. The push for efficiency also redistributes wealth from frontline and middle management employees to shareholders and executives. The moral value placed on efficiency can turn individuals into a certain type of person, sacrificing their own humanity for productivity. It is important to interrogate the impact of efficiency on our lives.
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4 Mindset Shifts That Will Boost Your Confidence
by Nick Wignall (6 min)
Nick Wignall suggests four mindset shifts that can boost confidence. Firstly, shift expectations from idealistic to realistic. Secondly, shift judgments from moral to mechanical. Thirdly, shift criticism from people to actions. Lastly, shift focus from thoughts and feelings to behavior. These shifts can help reduce anxiety and self-doubt, and promote a more confident and resilient mindset.
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