May 8, 2023: How To Be Resilient: 5 Steps To Success When Life Gets Hard

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How To Be Resilient: 5 Steps To Success When Life Gets Hard

by Eric Barker (8 min)
To be resilient, one must practice emotional regulation by slowing down and naming their emotions, and then reappraising the situation. Catastrophizing should be avoided by practicing cognitive agility, which involves considering multiple possibilities before focusing on one. Self-compassion and self-efficacy are also important for resilience, with self-compassion being the practice of showing oneself the same compassion as one would show to others, and self-efficacy being the belief in one's ability to control their life.
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Prompt Engineering: A Guide for Marketers and Content Creators

by Ethan Crump (11 min)
Prompt engineering is the process of crafting and refining the instruction or query you feed to a generative AI tool to get a specific response. The quality of your prompts determines the quality of results you get from these tools. Knowing how to wield these tools is incredibly valuable, particularly if you’re in the content creation or marketing game. The anatomy of a prompt includes defining the goal or objective, setting the context, providing examples and guidance, and iterating and refining.
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I finally figured out how to take notes!

by Sam Rose (3 min)
The author struggled with taking notes until they discovered Apple's Shortcuts app and Bear. They wanted to be able to tag notes, track key topics, and create action items. Combining Shortcuts with Bear allowed them to create meeting notes and daily "scratch" notes, as well as easily manage TODOs. This has helped them feel more on top of things and not drop the ball on tasks assigned in meetings.
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