October 12, 2023: Pruning to Make Space for More

“We are what we repeatedly do.”― Aristotle

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📚 3 Good Articles for You

Pruning to Make Space for More
by Deb Liu (6 mins)

  • The author reflects on the value of quitting or "pruning" aspects of one's life that no longer serve them, likening it to the necessary act of pruning trees for their health and growth.
  • While perseverance and tenacity can be strengths, there comes a point where holding onto old habits or fears can hinder personal growth and well-being.
  • Embracing change, even if it feels like "quitting", can lead to newfound freedom, fulfillment, and growth, allowing individuals to prioritize what truly matters in their lives.

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Liminal Creativity
by Anne-Laure Le Cunff (8 mins)

  • Liminality Defined: Liminality is the ambiguous phase during transitions, present in individuals, places, and societies.
  • Effects of Liminal Spaces: These spaces can cause discomfort but also foster growth and creativity.
  • Harnessing Liminal Creativity: To capitalize on this potential, embrace overlaps in thought, confront fears, and document the transformational journey.

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The top metrics for vertical SaaS companies
by CJ Gustafson (13 mins)

  • Vertical vs. Horizontal SaaS: Vertical SaaS targets specific industries with unique solutions, whereas Horizontal SaaS serves a broad audience across industries.
  • Key Vertical SaaS Metrics:
    • AOV (Average Order Value): Average revenue per transaction.
    • ARPU (Average Revenue per User): Total revenue from each customer.
    • Product Attach Rate: Number of products sold to each customer, emphasizing cross-selling.
  • Vertical SaaS Opportunity: These companies can corner niche markets, leading to strong unit economics and long-term market dominance, while leveraging multi-product strategies.

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  • 🟩 AI Personality Test with Books You Read:
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    We'll have a monthly community meetup at 10 am on October 13th (PDT). We're looking forward to seeing you all! Please feel free to jump in and out. You can register for the event from here 🤝
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    We're going to have the Read5for5 challenge in the week of October 16th! We will share the details this weekend. Let's read good articles and connect with like-minded people 📚

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