October 26, 2023: Solitude and Leadership

“The world is indebted for all triumphs which have been gained by reason and humanity over error and oppression.” ― Thomas Jefferson

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📚 3 Good Articles for You

You Don’t Have to Follow the Same Routines Forever
by Nir Eyal (4 mins)

  • Short-term routines, unlike long-term habits, must be adopted intentionally and may never become deeply ingrained.
  • Timeboxing is a technique that emphasizes scheduling values-based tasks, not just maximizing productivity; it helps manage and iterate short-term routines.
  • Experimenting with short-term routines offers benefits like satisfying the need for novelty, enhancing skills, and fostering personal growth; tools like a scheduler maker and habit tracker can assist in this process.

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AI-assisted Decision-making
by Dan Shipper (6 mins)

  • AI tools, like ChatGPT and Glean, can greatly assist in decision-making by helping users recall and apply valuable mental models and heuristics.
  • The essay illustrates the application of ChatGPT's capabilities in the context of "The Big Short" movie, showing how AI could have helped bankers make more informed choices by considering various biases and psychological insights.
  • To effectively use ChatGPT in real-life decision-making, users should provide ample context, utilize well-known decision-making heuristics, and even set up custom instructions for personalized insights.

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Solitude and Leadership
by William Deresiewicz (22 mins)

  • The essay discusses the relationship between solitude and leadership, initially seeming contradictory as leadership involves being with others, while solitude is being alone with one's thoughts.
  • The author questions the conventional notion of leadership, highlighting that excellence and achievement do not necessarily equate to true leadership.
  • The importance of solitude for independent thinking, self-discovery, and moral courage in leadership is emphasized, especially in complex and challenging situations.

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