May 29, 2023: You Aren’t What You Do (Even if You Do What You Love)

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90% of My Skills Are Now Worth $0
by Kent Beck (6 mins)
The author initially had doubts about the value of AI language models like ChatGPT for software development, but now sees the potential for these tools to automate routine tasks and allow developers to focus on areas where their expertise and creativity can shine. While the value of some skills may be decreasing, the remaining 10% can be leveraged in new and innovative ways. However, the author believes that human creativity and expertise are essential to delivering high-quality software products and that AI tools are only as good as the data used to train them.
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You Aren’t What You Do (Even if You Do What You Love)
by Simone Stolzoff (4 mins)
The fetishization of work, or "workism," has led many to conflate their identity with their job. However, this is risky as jobs may not always be there, and it can cause individuals to miss out on other meaningful aspects of life. Developing multiple passions and identities can make individuals more well-rounded and better problem solvers. Tethering self-worth to a job puts fate in the hands of an entity that won't always be able to love back. You aren't what you do, and understanding this is important for personal growth and resilience.
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Competitive Moats
by Kyle Harrison (12 mins)
The concept of competitive moats is discussed, with a focus on the importance of building intangible assets and capabilities that enable a company to operate more effectively and earn returns above others in the market. The impact of AI on the business landscape is also explored, with a particular emphasis on the importance of customer acquisition as a unique and powerful battlefield.
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