May 25, 2023: AI-Generated Content: A Guide to the New Era of Content Marketing

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AI-Generated Content: A Guide to the New Era of Content Marketing
by KT Malicke (8 mins)
The era of AI-generated content is here, and marketers should embrace it by incorporating it into their content strategy. AI can produce content en masse, while humans can inject it with factual support and lived experiences. To use AI effectively, give it jobs it can execute, choose topics without a complex narrative, and seed your prompt with the exact information you want in your content. Humans can focus on strategy and diversify their content to stay ahead.
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How To Make Millions With Idea S**
by James Altucher (1 min)
James Altucher suggests that to make millions, one should combine two or more existing elements to create a new concept. For example, GI Joe was created by combining dolls and action figures. He advises making two lists of what people love, combining them, and picking the best idea. The goal should be to develop innovative applications rather than imagining completely new concepts. By doing so, one can make billions, help millions, and make people happy.
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Your Network Is Your Net Worth
by Sunil Ranka (2 mins)
Your network is your net worth. As you progress in your career, your connections will have a greater impact than your skills or qualifications. Building a strong network takes time and effort, but there are shortcuts to building trust. Share your knowledge and attend industry events to make key contacts. Everyone needs help, so don't be afraid to ask, but invest your time with no expectation of returns. Trust your instincts to foster relationships built on trust, which could have a significant impact on your future.
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