Feb 6, 2023: Why Do People Learn Less as They Get Older?

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Why Do People (Usually) Learn Less as They Get Older?
by Scott H Young (4 min)
People tend to learn less as they get older due to opportunity costs, lack of time, and the belief that older minds can't learn as well. However, this decline in learning can be minimized with the right attitude. To make learning easier, reduce the effort, carry a book with you, set aside time for experiments, and focus on skills that rely on accumulated knowledge. With the right attitude, you can still learn new things as you get older.
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How To Practice Self-Compassion And Build A Stable Sense Of Confidence
by Cassie Shortsleeve (5 min)
Experts are challenging the idea that increasing self-esteem is the best way to become more confident. Instead, they suggest self-compassion, which involves showing yourself kindness and understanding during difficult times. Self-compassion is about accepting yourself, not measuring up to expectations, and taking active steps to change.
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Unbundling Tools for Thought
by Fernando Borretti (13 min)
Tools for thought promise to let you centralize and hyperlink all your data, but in practice 95% of the use cases can be naturally unbundled into disjoint apps. Building a vast, interlinked knowledge graph is a recipe for burnout and the payoff is uncertain. It is a waste of time to organize things too much.
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